TownAdz’s mission is to develop and maintain TownAdz portals for all the towns in India. Our goal is to make every business in towns to have a web page and online presence. TownAdz would like all the business should connect with new customers, business opportunities and to be more productive and successful. TownAdz shall be always transparent with you about the data TownAdz portals collect and published on TownAdz’s portals.

Information TownAdz collect from TownAdz portals and subdomains
  • TownAdz Partner and users data: Data to create a partner account and user account for publishing ads on TownAdz portal.
  • TownAdz Partner Personal Data: Partner account information includes the Photo, contact details, Identity proof and Bank account details for making payments.
  • TownAdz’s Customers and TownAdz’s partner may provide data to us for business promotions and their proprietary data.
  • TownAdz portals log your visits and IP address for Registration and posting ads.
  • TownAdz receives data from your devices and networks including your location data that is related to ads and address during the publishing of ad content on TownAdz portals.
  • TownAdz develops TownAdz’s services and conducts research to improve our customers business listings.
  • Any information you include in your profile and any content you post on social media will be seen by others.
  • TownAdz may need to share your data when TownAdz believe it’s required by law or to protect your and our rights and security.
  • TownAdz keeps most of your personal data for as long as your account is open and active. TownAdz keeps some of your data even after your close your account as for Govt of India rules and compliance (The Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008).